Jan 9, 2012  CEE

Almajdouie moves world’s largest evaporator

Almajdouie, the leading project logistics and supply chain company moves the world’s largest evaporator and the heaviest load ever moved in the Middle East.

In size, it is equivalent to a football field and with an assumed weight of 5000 cars, as it measures almost 124 meters long, 34 meters in width and 12 meters in height, with weight of 4891 tons.

In 2010, Almajdouie transported 6 units of evaporators for Shuwaihat, S2 IWPP Project, Abu Dhabi UAE, which measured length of 104.7 x widths 31.4 x Height of 11 meters and it weighs in total 4600 tons. By moving this evaporator, Almajdouie broke its previous record as this evaporator weighs total 4891 tons.

Almajdouie used Self Propelled Modular Trailer (SPMT) 172 axle lines, 688 double width tires with a capacity of 6680 tons to carry 4891 tons. This include months of preparation for planning and engineering, trailer computation based on shipping drawing, site survey, planning route simulations to move this huge unit from Ras al Khair Jetty to the foundation. Almajdouie will be moving a total 8 evaporators and from this, the first evaporator is already on site. This challenging operation was executed by a team of highly professional experts.

The core contractor Doosan won the order for the plant project for US$ 1.76 billion from Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where Almajdouie was awarded for the overall on-shore activities for the World Largest Evaporator built by Doosan Heavy Industries of Korea.

The next evaporator is expected in February 2012.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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