Aug 26, 2019  CEE

Beluga Projects Logistic expand fleet with a Neptune Marine ICE-class EuroTug 3010

Beluga Projects Logistic, member to the CEE in Russia, took delivery of the Neptune Marine ICE-classed EuroTug 3010 at the beginning of Q3-2019. The tug has been customized to meet the tough environmental conditions of its operating area and specific equipment for pushing operations. Beluga Projects Logistic operates in extreme weather conditions. Therefore, Neptune Marine was asked to customize a standard design to meet the requirements. One of the most remarkable changes to the standard design is the upgrade to ICE-Class 1B. Besides the strengthened steel structure, the machinery onboard has been carefully selected to comply with all class requirements. Beluga Rotterdam is now able to operate in significant sea ice.

Its owners also asked for a specific push bow and extra wheelhouse on top of the bridge for better views from the bridge while pushing. Next to that the tug has been outfitted with additional living and sleeping area’s to ensure a perfect work- and living spot for the expired crew on board of the Beluga Rotterdam.

The newbuild tug will used for Worldwide towage-pushing operations, anchor handling and also for ice-breaking operations in Russia’s northern territorial waters. EuroTugs are designed to perform at their best in both coastal and offshore waters, offering excellent bollard pull for this type of vessel.

Beluga Projects Logistic is a World player in the logistic playing field. Beluga Projects Logistic is a leading expert in oversized and heavy load cargo. All equipment is owned by Beluga Projects Logistic and consist of many heavy power and all terrain trucks, mobile cranes, jacking systems up to 15.000MT, a fleet of barges in different dimensions and now the first Sea-going Tugboat. The fleet of sea-going tugs will be extended within a few Months by adding a new EuroTug. Beluga Projects Logistic offers their customers reliable and quick service from our headquarters in Moscow and from Rotterdam for our European activities.


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