Nov 27, 2017  CEE

Beluga Projects Logistics builts Murmansk oil terminal

Beluga Projects Logistics, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Russia, announced about their involvement in a running project to build a temporary oil terminal in Murmansk, Russia.

The job of the Beluga Projects Logistics experts is to install on the Kola Bay sea bottom an anchor system of twelve anchor lines, consisting of three anchors with a weight of each 50, 200 and 220 tons. Overall there will be installed and connected 36 anchors in the maximum water depth of 155 meters.

Beluga Projects Logistic carrying now this project with their own equipment and with the following scope of work:

  • Picking up of the anchors from production places including tests and lifting operations utilizing Enerpac Gantry SBL1100
  • Trucking to the ro-ro berth on own SPMT
  • Ro-Ro loading on to Beluga owned barges and sea transportation to the working area of the Kola Bay
  • Anchor lines assembling and installation on the sea bottom
  • Lowering of the anchors upto 155 m carried out by Enerpac Strand Jacks

As of now Beluga Projects Logistic carried out half of the project with estimated time to finish in the second part of this December 2017.

Source:: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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