Sep 18, 2013  CEE

Busy times for V. Alexander moving reactors, turbines and generators

V. Alexander International Logistics GmbH, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in Germany, reports busy times with a number of significant project work for their company and its employed certified surveyors.

Three reactors from Germany to Belgium

Three so-called Espree-Reactors from the German inland-port of Dresden to Belgium by combined truck/barge/truck-operation including surveys at both loading- and unloading-points, for a polypropylene-plant-project.

The three units were measured as follows:
1x Espree Reactor 1060x490x465 cm, 29.000 kg
1x Espree Reactor 1509x451x464 cm, 73.500 kg
1x Espree Reactor 869x308x311 cm, 21.800 kg

Next move for the Belgium-Polypropylene-Plant-Project

The company also reports the next move for their Belgium-Polypropylene-Plant-Project. This time the load was another reactor of 112 tons weight, that was shipped in combined truck/barge/truck-mode from the German inland port of Aken to Belgium.

Turbines and Generators from Belgium to Hodeidah/Yemen

The attached two pictures show the cargo-inspection and survey done by V. Alexander’s own certified surveyors (all of them are master-mariners) at the loading-place of Oudegem in Belgium.

The cargo consists of some heavy turbines and generators, that is being brought by V. Alexander to Antwerp, loaded onto 40′ Flat Racks and 40′ High Cube Containers and after that shipped to the Yemen-port of Hodeidah. The used machines will be installed on the premises of an oil-company in Yemen for power generation on their job-site. The V. Alexander-surveyor-teams of three highly experienced surveyors are performing their supervising-jobs worldwide for the various projects of the company.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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