Apr 23, 2015  CEE

Chilean transport specialist shines with the only available equipment for power plant movements


Tecnitransport SA, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network for equipment owners, based in Santiago de Chile, recently arranged the transportation of complete fired coal power plant Guacolda V of AES in Huasco, Chile. The largest piece consisted of a 200 ton Turbine (8.45 x 6.74 x 5.77 meters LxWxH) and 270 ton Generator (11.9 x 3.97 x 3.51 meters) from Mitsubishi Japan to jetty of Power plant in Huasco, Chile.

Initially this operation was planned and contracted to run by pulling trucks (3 and or 4 prime movers) with 12 axles lines with 3 files (12 tires per line) of hydraulic Nicola type trailers with drawbar. However due to the jobsite road did not accomplish the minimum and safety requirements in terms of width, inclination and turning radios, which detected during road survey (narrow grave road with less than 8 meters wide, 13º maximum inclination and some areas with turning radios of almost 90 degrees) Tecnitransport had to come up with an innovative, safe and creative solution, proposing to its customer to perform this job with a Self Propelled Trailer (SPT).

The brand new SPT equipment (250kw PPU & 4 propelled drive Nicola axle Trailer) arrived only one week before the arrival of the vessel, carrying the Turbine & Generator and the schedule allowed to assemble its 12 axle by 3 files to runs testing and trials movements.

After the chartered vessels arrival both cargoes were loaded separately onto SPT equipment and then moved through the site to its final position, were they got offloaded using Tecnitransport’s 800 ton Lift system 48A gantry crane.

See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jdscKXnUtA0&feature

The operation was successfully achieved on time and the SPT equipment was moved to south of Chile to perform another project for its customers Colbun / Hyundai.

This project consisted of moving a 295 ton Transformer from Puerto Coronel to the coal power plant Santa Maria of Colbun in Coronel, Chile.

Using the same configuration of 12 axles lines with 3 files of hydraulic TDI Nicola type trailers with drawbar, were able to move a much heavier equipment (11.37 x 4.08 x 4.07 meters LxWxH and 295 tons) from the Port Terminal through a public road to its final position at the Power Plant.

See more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeSvgDSQ0ckit
This SPT is the only one in Chile and available for any other job on the region.


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