Jun 20, 2014  CEE

Crane Rental Corporation completed a number of heavy hauling projects around the United States

In the Northeast U.S., Crane Rental Corporation, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in the USA, offloaded a 291,000-pound propane tank from a rail spur using 700-ton capacity gantries, and transported it 52 miles on their innovative dual-lane extending-axle transport trailer.

The load was 151 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 15.5 feet high.

At times the trailer’s axles expanded from 14 to 20 feet, more evenly distributing the load’s weight over bridges on the state roads. The trailer was also able to temporarily drop the load a few inches in order to travel under low overpasses. The load was transported using the trailer’s dolly configuration.

Also in the Northeast, Crane Rental Corporation offloaded a 409,000-pound surge tank from a rail spur using 700-ton capacity gantries, and transported it 32 miles on their tow hitch modular Goldhofer trailers. The load was 157 feet long, 13.5 feet wide, and 16.25 feet high.

In the Southeast U.S., Crane Rental Corporation moved a 237,000-pound transformer, fully assembled with radiators and other components, from its pad onto a six-line self-propelled Goldhofer trailer and transported it to a containment area. They then offloaded a new 186,000-pound transformer from a rail spur, transported it on a six-line Goldhofer trailer, and set the load in place using their 600-ton capacity Terex AC500-2 hydraulic truck crane.

Also in the Southeast, Crane Rental Corporation removed a transformer that weighed more than 300,000 pounds from its foundation. The transformer was hoisted by Crane Rental Corporation’s 700-ton capacity gantry system and transversed onto an 18-axle self-propelled Goldhofer trailer to be transported to a holding area. The site had tight clearances and underground utilities, requiring the multi-axle trailer and Dura-Base mat system to mitigate ground bearing pressures during the hauling operation.



Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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