Sep 4, 2013  CEE

Heavy condensers for Australian Refinery handled by Holleman Bulgaria

Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D., member to the CEE in Bulgaria, transported two heavy and oversized condensers from Ploiesti to Constanta Port, via the Ro-Ro terminal of Oltenita Port on the Danube River. The condensers are part of a floating refinery situated in Australia.

The weight of each condenser was 105 to and the height was 6,35m; for this reason, on the land transport Holleman’s experts had to remove tens of electrical, telephonic and TV cables, the total height being 6,95m.

For the river transport, Holleman used a 2000 to pontoon with a huge ramp, allowing a smooth Ro-Ro operation. The trailers were released from the pontoon by using Holleman’s gantry cranes. This operation took 9 hours. After a 200 km voyage on the Danube River, the condensers arrived in Constanta Port, where the Holleman team was responsible of the transshipment of the condensers from the pontoon to the ship and of their proper lashing.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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