Aug 27, 2015  CEE

Heavy mill equipment goes through Samsun in Turkey

Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network for Turkey, completed an outstanding mill main body transportation.

The experts from Ekin conducted a detailed route survey and determining possible routes from Samsun port to the destination address (60 km away from the port) in Samsun, Turkey. The cargo moved had the following specifications: length: 18.4 m, width: 5.64 m, height: 5.77 m and a total weight of 187.90 tons.

Lashing, securing and wedging of the load properly onto the truck were Ekin’s responsibility. The company provided the lashing and securing equipment in accordance with the related standards for a safe transportation from load start to offloading at the destination address.

The permission for this transport was received and a special road permit was issued. Apart from pilot cars, Ekin contacted with related police stations and provided a police escort car.

During transportation, roads were closed to the traffic in necessary areas. As a challenge en route, Ekin had to remove the LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) camera alongside the road due to the dimensions of the cargo, and then had to remount them after passing of their vehicle. This operation was brought to a successful conclusion and the mill main body got delivered to the destination address on time.

Another mill main body with the same dimensions, weighing 160 tons, was also transported within the plant until the installation foundation. In addition to these services, Ekin also handled the mobile crane arrangement and installation services of the mill main bodies.

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Source:: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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