Dec 1, 2016  CEE

InterMax China handles oversized equipment installation

InterMax China, member to the equipment owners network Cargo Equipment Experts CEE, was responsible for the delivery and installation of a heavy machine from Antwerp to Changzhou. It was the second time InterMax co-operated with the site for installation work.

The machine and parts were delivered by 40’FR and 40’OT. The machine was 3.4 m high and had a weight of 34 tons. The entrance of the factory was only 4.5 m and thus InterMax had to arrange a 80 tons mobile crane to arrange safe shifting of the machine from a flat rack onto a low bed trailer for delivery into the factory for installation. The height was too tight and it had to be moved with utmost care to enter the gate.

InterMax co-operated with the technicians to adjust the balance during installation and a mobile crane was used to lift and adjust the positioning of the machine. The procedure was smooth and a success.

intermax_4 intermax_5 intermax_3

Source:: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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