Mar 21, 2012  CEE

Kuebler Spedition moved a passenger ferry overland from Kressbronn (Bodensee) to Lake Balaton, Hungary

Kübler Spedition, Germany, transported a passenger ferry for Lake Balaton. The structure was divided into two parts and loaded on two flatbed truck. The cranes for lifting the segments were provided by CEE member Scholpp, a partner of Kübler.

The 167-ton hull has a length of 58 meters and is 7.20 meters wide and 4.30 meters high. The weight of the truck were a further 86 tons.

For the 47-ton upper ship section, including the deck superstructure with dimensions of 23 meters lengh, 6.80 meters wide and 4.30 meters height, another trailer with 22 tons had to be used due to these enormous proportions.

Six employees from Kübler built-up green spaces and removed all obstacles for a smooth transport by night. The heavy transport traveled at a cruising speed of 40 km/h over the B31 motorway towards Lindau. After two nights the convoy reached the port Roth by Nürnberg. There the ship sections were reloaded onto a river barge and sent on its way towards their final destination Lake Balaton.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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