Apr 26, 2012  CEE

Motorship on the roads no problem for German experts Kübler Spedition

Spedition Kübler Gmbh, was recently awarded with the transport of a “Motorship by Road”. The transport covered the complicated distance from Linz in Austria to the dam lake Lipno in the Czech Republic where extremely narrow road conditions tested the Kübler team’s equipment to its maximum.

The transport took the experts from Kübler Spedition 5 month planning because of the massive and heavy structure and oversized dimensions of the vessel. The transport had a length of 48 meters overall, width of 5,95 meter, height of 7,50 and a weight of 203 tons. The transport was escorted by 4 escorts cars, 14 technicians and 6 police escorts. Altogether more than 70 people were involved in the 3-day transport.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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