Feb 11, 2013  CEE

Oversized and heavy oil refinery equipment crossed through Thailand – bound for Iraq, by CEA Projects and Logistics, Thailand

CEA Projects and Logistics, Thailand, carried out the heavy-lift and transport for equipment for an oil refinery destined to Iraq. The consignment was 836 tons / 6,269m3 and did consist of some fairly oversized cargoes. The largest of which were 8 units at 14.3m x 6.5m diameter weighing 65 tons each and another 8 units at 6.8m x 3m x 5.2m weighing in at 25 tons each. The larger units had to be top and tail lifted to be moved from their vertical position to a horizontal using 2 x 200t cranes. The larger units were moved on hydraulics and the smaller on low-beds in a convoy of 2 super oversized and 2 oversized in compliance with Thai convoy regulations. While the factory located on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand is only about 12kms from Mataphut Port by the most direct route, the cargo’s dimensions meant a much longer route needed to be taken to avoid overhead obstructions.

The 4 trips were carried out over 2 days while very close coordination with the police, electrical, telephone, highway and other related authorities and departments had to be made to cut power, lift telephone and power lines, remove overhead signs, stop lights and other obstructions. All 4 trips went off without any problems and the coordination amongst everyone was seamless.


Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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