Oct 29, 2014  CEE

Reshamsingh in action for Kochi Integrated Refinery Petrochemical project Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd

Reshamsingh, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in India, successfully completed six heavylifts of approx 100 tons each with the largest one of 20.4 meter lenght and 6 meter diameter. The weight of this large piece was 117 tons.

The manifold task of the company’s experts for this project included:

  • transportation to the port
  • customs clearance and port handling
  • bringing the barge and tug alongside
  • roll on of heavylifts pieces
  • lashing/chocking of the cargo
  • MMD and customs clearance
  • port clearance/ insurance surveyors approval
  • movement to Cochin with the help of 2 tugs

The seven days voyage to Cochin was finalized with the cutting of welding, approval from port and customs, roll off of from barge and the transport to jobsite.



Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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