Dec 16, 2013  CEE

Schnabel Railcar inaugurated by Kuebler Spedition

Spedition Kübler, member to the CEE in Germany reports:

“In the vicinity of Trier, our Green wearing Schnabel car had the first public appearance.

A 170-tonne transformer is to be transported – first from its Foundation up to the rail-tracks on a special loading site near the substation. In the substation, the transformer was hydraulically jacked and loaded onto a 12-axle trailer in week 50. After putting down the transformer on the loading site, it was mounted into the Schnabel car.

The project continued via special train service up to a town in the western part of Germany in the Rhine-Ruhr area. The transformer arrived at its destination one week after the first hydraulic jacking.”

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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