Oct 4, 2016  CEE

Silvasti handles one of the largest transports ever in Finland

At the end of September 2016 Transport Company Ville Silvasti Ltd, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in Finland, handled one of the largest special transport ever in Finland.

Two heavy bleaching tower sections, engineered by Andritz and produced by Japrotek, were transported over the road more than 400 km from Pietarsaari to the Äänekoski bio product mill. The overall dimensions of the transport were impressive. The largest transport was 10.2 meters high and 9 meters wide. One tower section weighs 110 000 kg and is almost 15 m long, another part weighs 83 000 kg and is 22 meters long. 10 axle trailer and 4 axle truck were used to transport these sections.

En route hundreds of telephone and electric lines needed to be lifted and power cuts occured. Also hundreds of traffic signs and overhead portals needed to be removed and that is why route surveys were made months before the actual delivery. Total almost 500 road modifications and power cuts needed to be made en route. The most challenging part in this transportation was to get all the different parties involved to agree to the same schedule. E.g. all the different electricity companies, railway company etc.

This transport was significant in Finland and got huge media attention in the Finnish media during the week when it happened. The transport took 6 days and the convoy was moving approx. 15 km/h. The convoy proceeded mainly at night time.

This was also the biggest special transport to the Metsä Fibre Äänekoski bio product mill project.

The convoy reached its destination on time and safely.


Source:: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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