Dec 2, 2015  CEE

Silvasti transported big chimneys through Finland

Transport specialist Silvasti Heavy Ltd, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network for Finland, was assigned to perform logistic services related to the transportation of vent chimneys for a road tunnel, under construction at Tampere, Finland.

The project scope included just-in-time road transports of 2 chimneys, each 41.3 m long, diameter 6.40 m with a single weight of 88 ton.

Due to the required artistical paintjob planned for the cargo the manufacturing procedure included some internal moves at the manufacturing plant of SSV-Tanks at Saarijärvi.

Project transport safety and scheduling played a key role during the entire operation. From the very beginning it was clear that both chimneys were to be transported at the same time due to many required road improvements, temporarily removed obstacles and road signs, powercuts of overhead lines and other precautions.

The experts from Silvasti spent months of careful preparation for the transports. The length of the transport route was about 300 km and practically every meter of the transport route had to be checked and measured.

During the first two nights the convoy passed extreme winter conditions with snow and ice and during the third night managed to arrive at the tunnel construction site, located near the center of Tampere city.

Source:: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE


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