May 6, 2015  CEE

Tight squeeze for liquid gas tanks for locomotives in Florida

Crane Rental Corporation, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in the USA, recently transported three liquid natural gas (LNG) tanks in south Florida. Each tank was 134.5 feet long, 12.5 feet wide, 14 feet high, and weighed 166,000 pounds. The tanks had to be transloaded from a larger barge to one that was less than 50 feet wide in order to travel up the river.

Crane Rental Corp secured property along the Miami River to offload the tanks from the barge, and then loaded each one onto 18 lines of THP Goldhofer modular trailers using a 275-ton capacity Grove GMK5275 hydraulic all-terrain crane and a 240-ton capacity Grove GMK5240 hydraulic all-terrain crane.

Crane Rental’s crew transported the tanks more than five miles to their destination. The haul route included crossing railroad tracks, traveling under two bridges—one with just inches of clearance—and utilizing police escorts to manage heavy Miami-area traffic. The job was completed safely in two days. Now that these tanks are on site, they will be used to fuel locomotives with liquid natural gas.

Crane Rental Corp cranes offload tanks from barge

Crane Rental Corp cranes offload tanks from barge

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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