Aug 20, 2012  CEE

US-harvesters safely delivered in China by InterMax

Intermax Logistics Solution Ltd. (InterMax), Member to the CEE in China, transported agricultural harvesters from Dalian to Heilongjiang.

As the Ministry of Agriculture was importing 300 sets of harvesters from USA, InterMax arranged for customs clearance, wharf storage and road transportation from Dalian Port and delivered unloaded the harvesters to different farms in Heilongjiang.

The project was observed with high attention from the government to boost the country’s agricultural program. InterMax had been chosen as service provider to handle the project. Not only Intermax had full presentation how to achieve the required documentation and customs procedures for the delicate import routines, but in addition the company is fully prepared through their Green Pass, approved from the Road Authorities in China, allowing the smooth passage through various intersections from city to city.

The operations involved a large scale of works as there were 300 sets of harvesters to be delivered for 1200km. Road condition and weather could often cause a problem for safe and timely transportation. The height of the harvesters was 3.5m and the width was 3.6 m. To avoid over height problem in pass tunnels, the harvesters were put on InterMax’s low bed trailers. Also as they were over width, special racks had to be prepared to deliver the cargo. InterMax’s transport engineer team managed the whole process of transportation within four days.

InterMax Group is an integrated service provider to Global Logistics, Projects, Shipping Agency, Barge operator in Yangtze River, Heavy Load Transporter. The group in related with Shipping Agency, Barge Operator from affiliates “MAX International Co.,Ltd”, Trucking service ” Speedy Dragon Transportation”.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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