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Marketing strong network brands

Contributing to market expert tools for shippers, intermediates and purchasers of heavy and outsized project cargo volumes, Quality Cargo Networks Ltd (QCN),, is engaged in achieving and maintaining the high profiles of the both leading specialist networks Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC and Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE.


WWPC – leading the path in project forwarding


During the past 15 years the networking community has changed dramatically. A great number of new networks for project cargo forwarders got founded and contributed to highlight the existence of specialist companies working in the heavy and outsized cargo market. When there were only a fragment of companies offering specialized services for project cargo movements at the time of founding the WWPC in 1998, we now learn that any respectable freight forwarder claims to be an expert in this area of activities. Consequently the need appeared to become a member of a project cargo network to be able to offer a global service through cooperation with likeminded companies. In this multiple network environment it is difficult for any shipper or project owner to decide which company they should turn to for advice and trusting them with their orders to perform sensitive and delicate tasks, often involving a staggering amount of money to arrange difficult movements of heavy and outsized components for their projects.

The WWPC remains on top of the crowd of networks in the mind of shippers and within the forwarding community. The brand of the WWPC network is as strong as it has always been. To a large extend the members who contributed throughout the years to stay on-board and guiding the management to develop the network are part of this success.

The NEWS page of the WWPC network gives credit to membership operational articles and we manage to have them to appear in international trade media in regular interval.

The WWPC logo has become a guiding sign of first class and quality oriented service in the project cargo arena and it gives additional value and credit to the network membership homepages, business cards, email signatures and marketing material.

QCN’s marketing strategy continues, showing the world access to the true specialists and through membership with the WWPC network their appearance remains as strong as ever.

CEE is a unique and leading network brand


Five years ago, in 2009, the heavy cargo transport market got notice about the founding of the CEE network, gathering membership companies owing substantial assets. These companies thus far were not linked through any global network presence, focusing solely on the core services of handling and transporting heavy and outsized commodities.

Completely different to any forwarding network focus the CEE has managed to maintain and develop the network and membership companies appearances. Articles and pictures about stunning operations are a credit to the NEWS page of the CEE network website and are continuously published in international trade magazines.

The CEE logo is shown on membership company websites, business cards, email signatures and in various marketing initiatives. The combined marketing efforts of the CEE membership and the networks management has created an awareness at shippers and intermediate partners alike.

It is a fact that the CEE network is still the only network of its kind, uncopied and unrivalled.

QCN shall continue targeting the project owners and purchasers of such specialized transport and handling services to elevate their knowledge about the CEE network membership companies’ existence and expertise.


Created in 2011 as a marketing booster for the members of the WWPC and CEE networks, Heavy Cargo News (HCN) quickly became a beacon and guiding light for a great number of readers and visitors to the website

The printed version of the magazine is circulated as complimentary by the tenth of thousands in international trade magazine distribution, such as the International Transport Journal ITJ, and placed into the visitors’ bags at the well-known trade fairs Break Bulk Europe and Break Bulk Americas. The online newswire of the HCN is constantly updated and enjoys increasing readership.

The high quality produced printed HCN Magazine targets the attention of shippers and project owners, intermediates and purchasers of heavy cargo transports and project logistics.


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