Dec 20, 2013  WWPC

Aaras Projects and Shipping Agency strong with heavy cargo in Karachi

Aaras Project & Logistics Pakistan Pvt. Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for Pakistan, served in the month of December, 2013 the “M.V. HAN ZHI”, arriving at Karachi Port on 04/12/2013 from Shanghai, China under the agency of Aaras Shipping Agencies Private Limited. Aaras also undertook to provide stevedoring, heavylifting, custom clearance and transportation for the cargo.

The vessel carried power project and general cargo, containing 244 packages/units with total weight of 1722.0620 M/tons, including oil tanks of 25 M.Tons each, transformers 4 units of 150 M/tons and 4 units of 70 M/tons each and a turbine of 60 M/tons per unit, and other miscellaneous accessories for the project.

The discharging process commenced on 04/12/2013, and it was completed on 05/12/2013, even the discharging was carried on in late night hours. The whole process of discharging of total 244 heavy packages was completed within 20 hours. The heavy-lifting of such heavy packages at night is actually a very tough task in Karachi Port but Aaaras appointed stevedoring and the Aaras operation staff is competent to work day-in and day-out with any type of cargo.

The cargo was stacked at the port area waiting for loading onto the transporting units, and after its custom clearance the cargo was proceeded towards its destination.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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