Jul 11, 2015  WWPC

BNSF Logistics takes care of Cryonic Tanks in the USA

The Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) member for the USA, BNSF Logistics, and the experts within the company’s Project Center in Houston, handled the move of three Cryogenic Tanks each 132′ x 17′ x 18′ / 242,000 Lbs each.

The task included the transport arrangements from ex works Natchez, MS to Ashtabula, Ohio.
From there the tanks got loaded into three hopper barges for the voyage to Burns Harbour IN, where they were trans-loaded onto deck barges for the lake journey and to be discharged at the Kinder Morgan Terminal in Ashtabula, Ohio from where the tanks got trucked a short distance to the ASU plant job site.
Pictures showing the transport from the factory to the Mississippi barge dock.


Natchez429_x Natchez432_x

Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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