May 13, 2020  WWPC

Challenging haulage in Jammu & Kashmir, India

SARR Freights, a member of the World Wide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, has recently completed its latest shipment of Railway Coaches (60-70 MT each) & Locomotives (130 MT each), amidst the nationwide lockdown, for their client in Jammu & Kashmir. After completing transportation of 24 railway coaches & locomotives last year, this shipment was part of another 20 coach & locomotive movement undertaken by SARR Freights.

The shipment consisted of Railway Coaches, each having a dimension of 22.3 x 3.34 x 4.05 m and weighing 60-70 MT. The Scope of Work included providing cranes, other handling equipment, and labour required for dismantling and loading the cargo onto the trailers, under supervision of the client’s engineers. SARR was also responsible for the entire transportation at unloading at destination.

The haulage was from Udhampur (J&K) to Srinagar (J&K), covering a distance of approximately 400 kms and made challenging with the hilly terrain and political uncertainty in the region. After three decades of experience in this area, the SARR team has developed extensive expertise and a deep understanding of local infrastructure, terrain & local politics. The unprecedented nationwide lockdown and extreme political volatility of the region, however, produced additional challenges for the movement.

The project was executed seamlessly within weeks, overcoming many typical and atypical obstacles. SARR worked with local authorities and government for the necessary permissions. The 5 MT height cargo was maneuvered through challenging road conditions, culverts, political instability and adverse weather conditions such as heavy snowfall and landslides. The route consisted of passing through the Chenani-Nashri and Jawahar tunnels, and required additional security for the safety of the cargo. The SARR team was able to capitalize on its experience and successfully execute the of the ongoing project.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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