Aug 21, 2017  WWPC

Chinese project specialist Jiangsu Sunshine busy with wind farms and boat projects

Jiangsu Sunshine International Logistic, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in China, reported about two projects they handled:

Offshore Wind Farm projects

During July this year the company managed the movement of 16 pieces steel tubular pile with two types of large sizes and various weight: 74 m x D 5 m, weight 501 tons and 84 m x D 2 m, weight 120 tons. The scope of work was from ex work upto offshore wind farm, including overland transportation, port loading and ocean carriage.

Meanwhile this operation was under way the company was awarded another project (same size and volume) for a different windmill farm.

And additional 40 sets of offshore wind farm equipment project was also awarded to Jiangsu Sunshine in July after completing the prior movement of 37 sets of offshore windmill equipment ex work to jobsite successfully.

Seven boats from Shenzhen to Tunisia

The experts from Jiangsu Sunshine also handled seven boats from the manufacturers Zhuhai factory upto Rades, Tunisia. The boats got loaded onto an oceanvessel in Shenzhen.

This was a time sensitive project with many specific requirements such as special insurance requirement and special operating requirements in both ends. In a short time, Jiangsu provided a cost-effective solution and matched these requirements. The cargo picking up, customs clearance and loading onboard a chartered oceanvessel was completed in two days only. The seavoyage was booked for a direct sailing to Rades in Tunisia.

Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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