Nov 7, 2014  WWPC

Crushers from Spain to Kazakhstan by Globalink

Globalink Logistics Group, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC for Kazakhstan, and their Project Division, is renowned for its handling capabilities but almost legendary when it comes to taking on complex, intricate and massive projects. Recently they once lived up to this statement when they were asked to handle and deliver Crushers from Spain to Kazakhstan for a mining project.

Globalink’s scope of work was indeed a comprehensive which included loading, crating, sea freight, road freight and customs clearance at destination.

Given the cargo weight, mobile cranes had to be positioned for loading onto the chartered vessel for the trip from Bilbao to St. Petersburg. At St. Petersburg, personnel from the Globalinks Project Office there supervised reloading onto sea-river barges for the journey down the Volga Don River to the Caspian Sea Port of Astrakhan.

Upon docking, the Crushers were offloaded and lashed onto low bed trailers, courtesy of Globalinks Road Freight Division, and departed at once for the job site. Clearance at destination was an exercise in efficiency and brought to close a well-planned and brilliantly executed job.


Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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