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Express Global Logistics constructing bypass and transporting heavy transformer accross India

Express Global Logistics (EXG), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in India, a leading project specialist company established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, an asset based company having its own hydraulic axles, has recently completed a critical movement of a power transformer over the river for its well regarded manufacturing client, in Bihar, India.

  • Pick up from Sonipat, Haryana
  • Delivery to Ramnagar, Bihar
  • Total distance approx. 1500 km
  • Total weight 75 ton
  • Cargo dimensions 6.4 x 2.7 x 4.1 m
  • Trailer Combination being Utilized 6 Axles + 480 HP Prime Mover
  • Scope of work: transportation and bypass construction

The transformer was transported over the distance of 1500 km from Haryana to Bihar. There was an obstacle to the movement due to difficult terrain and a river to pass. In order to cross it a temporary bypass was required to be installed over the river. According to the local PWD and Government authority the bridge cannot take the load of the cargo and vehicle (75 ton + 58 ton). The client was advised and suggested by EXG for the bypass over the river. It was then designed in a record time of 12 days.

The bypass was constructed for 150 m (entrance approach of 60 m, over the river of 40 m and exit road of 50 m). The entire movement was completed overcoming the challenges and the EXG team enthusiastically delivered their best throughout the process. The total time taken to deliver the package to factory site was 18 days.

Each point of the entire project was carefully assessed to ensure a fool proof and smooth journey of the cargo. “The entire project was handled meticulously from the transportation to the construction of the bypass. An extensive study and survey was conducted as part of this movement regarding the origin, destination and the travel route. The efficiency and attention to detail of project and operation team was much appreciated by the client”, stated the project team leader at EXG.

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Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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