Nov 5, 2014  WWPC

Express Global Logistics gets heavy cranes from Mumbai to Jebel Ali

Express Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd (formerly known as Express Transport), member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC in India, arranged for the delivery of two heavy tyre mounted cranes and timely loading of 82 Mt x 1 & 70 Mt x 1 of cranes onboard M.V. Grand Orion from Mumbai Port, India to Jebel Ali Port, UAE.

  • Total volume moved was 510 CBM
  • The heaviest crane weighted 82 MT measuring 16.00 X 3.40 X 4.00 m
  • Total pkgs 7 & total weight 169.25 MT

Scope of work involved:

  • Providing specialized driver to drive the cranes from site to Mumbai port (Total distance 500 km approx. / total time to transport 3 days).
  • Providing specialized driver for shifting the crane inside the Mumbai Port & loading on the vessel.
  • Providing engineers to do the servicing of crane at port before loading.
  • Providing an escort team for movement from site to Mumbai Port.
  • Fabricating a special saddle for onboard lashing and securing.
  • Identifying and booking suitable vessel as per the arrival of cargo at port.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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