Dec 25, 2017  WWPC

Gantry cranes from Qatar to Germany

JSL Global, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Qatar, was called in at last minute to arrange for a shipment of gantry cranes from Hamad Port, Qatar to Essen, Germany.

The Qatar client of JSL previously discussed this project with another forwarder who failed to give an acceptable solution to load the 27 meter long pieces as per given budget and schedule. Since the Shipment was imported into Qatar on temporary import basis it had to be re-exported from Qatar before December 2017 so that the client could retrieve their duty deposit and bank guarantee back from the Qatar customs. The complete shipment consisted of four dismantled Gantry cranes, spread over a shipping volume of 20×40’OT plus 4×40’FR plus 8 x 27 meter long girders.

JSL Qatar had several meeting with Qatar Customs officials and the port authorities for this project.
Lot of advance planning was required because each lot (containerised & RORO ) was ODC cargo and required special approval and cargo inspection from customs for Re Export. JSL Global manged to get Customs site approval for this special export.

The four Gantry cranes where all dismantled and stored at the client’s site. Most of the pieces require re packing for open top container loading.

JSL Global Doha managed this project, including loading of cargo into open top and onto flat rack container using a suitable crane as well as lashing, chocking and securing of cargo.

There were a total of eight 27 meter long pieces which required special long trailers. JSL had to arrange such special trailer and arrange for police escort and route survey ex their client site to Hamad Port.

For the ocean carriage 72 to 80 feet Mafi trailers were required to load such long girders into a RORO vessel. JSL arranged to reposition such empty mafis at Hamad port well in advance. Loading, lashing and securing was also challenging for such long pieces and the JSL Team with support from Hamad Port managed to get this difficult task done.

Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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