Sep 28, 2012  WWPC

Globalink handles Magnum Tractors to Ukraine

Precise deadlines are not a challenge for Globalink Logistics Group, but at the peak of winter, each step of the transportation cycle has to be planned extremely well as sudden weather changes can cause serious delays. With that in mind, Globalink successfully accomplished the transportation of 33 Magnum Tractors weighing 363 ton / 11 ton/ per unit from the manufacturers at Tashkent via Uzbekistan to Kirovograd, Ukraine.

Wasting no time and utilizing special cranes and forklifts, the Globalink team in Tashkent got to work right away. With all arrangements made well in advance, loading onto low bed trailers was done promptly and the tractors departed immediately towards their final destination.

The route was extremely long and involved transiting Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia and Lithuania. However, having mapped out the best possible route and with all permits and visas well in advance, Globalink was set to impress.

“In fact, impressed by our meticulous preparations, even the weather cooperated with us and delivery was completed without any snow/ice delays. With almost two decades of experience in heavy and oversize loads, all requirements asked of us were met and so was the deadline” a spokesperson for Globalink commented.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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