Nov 12, 2013  WWPC

Guangzhou Sunshine gets cranes from China to Indonesia

Guangzhou Sunshine Intl’s Logistics Ltd.Co., WWPC member in China, operated over 10 lots of project and heavy cargo movements from China to Indonesia. The cargo consisted of 6 sets of crane equipment with a single piece weight of 25 tons and dimensions of 25*3.5*3.2M.

Guangzhou Sunshine staff organised the transport from the manufacturers factory to the Port of Shanghai, arranged for customs clearance, chartered the ocean vessel and supervised cargo handling in the port during loading. The crane body was loaded on deck by shore crane and all the accessories loaded under deck.

Total volume for this project: 1550CBM/200 tons
Port of loading: Shanghai
Port of discharging: Jakarta, Indonesia

The next project to Indonesia totalling about 1350CBM and a max weight of 25 tons of single piece will be shipped again shortly.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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