Dec 25, 2013  WWPC

Guangzhou Sunshine Int’l Logistics shipped gantry cranes from China to Indonesia

Guangzhou Sunshine Int’l Logistics Co.Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC in China, are pleased to announce that they successfully completed to load and ship four sets of gantry cranes from Dafeng port, China to Cigarding, Indonesia. Despite a few obstacles which had to be overcome, the operation went as planned.

Here is the operations report:

Pol: Dafeng port / terminal for heavy cargo
Pod: Cigarding port, Indonesia
Cargo: 4 sets of MQ4070 gantry crane
Biggest and heaviest pieces:
11.65M x 11.65M X 25M LWH / 88 TONS 4 PIECES,
13.65M X 9.75M X 28M LWH / 148.65 TONS 4 PIECES

Service scope: Loading, lasing/securing and ocean shipping full charter/deck barge.

Challenging for this project:

  1. New terminal with few hardware configuration
  2. Max LOA: 138m
  3. Min depth of water alongside: 3.8m
  4. Crane with lifting capacity 500tons is immovable and suspension arm can not swing from one side to other side
  5. Bad weather

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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