Dec 20, 2012  WWPC

Heavy transformers handled by Greek Delta Maritime Ltd

Delta Maritime Limited from Greece managed to create a developing relationship with Hyundai Heavy Industries in Bulgaria, following to their first cooperation for the transportation of 5 trafos and their accessories, total 25 trucks, from Bulgaria to Rhodes Island.

Thereafter, a second project came up, to challenge the company as the transportation, together with skidding of 2 trafos of 83 tons each, with dimensions 7.45×3.30×3.71m, from Sofia, Bulgaria to Lygourio, Peloponnesus, demanded strict logistics standards, conditions of time pressure due to deadlines and risky cargo trips through bridges and tunnels.

The trafos were successfully delivered by special trailers and installed at site with the use of a 300 ton capacity crane, which was properly coordinated and any delays were avoided.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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