Sep 15, 2020  WWPC

Over Projects overcame earthquakes and strike in Chile

Over Projects, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Brazil, was contracted for the urgent movement of three heavy pieces mining machinery with each close to 30 tons weight and maximum dimensions of 4.33 m diameter and 1.95 m height.

The process of moving these heavy components from a location three days driving north of Santiago de Chile to final destination 395 km outside of Salvador, Brazil, involved a great deal of unforeseen obstacles creating extra challenges to an already tight schedule. Recent earthquakes north of Santiago de Chile and a transport strike became sudden possible obstacles but luckily had no impact on the operations.

The scope of work for Over Project included:

  • Logistics coordination in Chile
  • Construction of steel beam transport frames for each heavy piece of cargo
  • Lifting, loading/offloading at both airports Santiago, Chile and Salvador, Brazil
  • Export/import paperwork in both countries
  • Road transport permits and delivery to jobsite in Brazil
  • Chartering of An-124 cargo airplane for Santiago-Salvador

Fellow WWPC member Procargo – Professional Cargo Care Ltd, Finland, assisted with the charter arrangements for the plane while Over Projects was busy to maintain schedules in Chile and Brazil for this movement. The arrival of the huge cargo airplane in Salvador was covered live by several TV channels and other media.

After speedy customs clearance in Salvador all three pieces arrived at final destination to the satisfaction of the receivers.

Both Mr. Marcelo Braga, MD for Over Projects and Mr. Wolfgang Karau, MD for Procargo and Director for the WWPC stated: “We like to thank Antonov Airlines for great technical and operational assistance.”

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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