Oct 10, 2016  WWPC

Polytra gets solar panels to remote village in DC Congo

Polytra N.V., member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Belgium and DR Congo, mastered the challenge to bring 128 pallets of solar panels from China to a small and remoted village in the African country.

As the roads leading to the actual job site are in a very poor state there was no other alternative than to fly them in. The landing strip Polytra could use was only a few hundred meters of laterite and as such did not allow big airplanes to land. Therefore Polytra had to charter an Antonov32B doing 16 consecutive flights. Due to lack of handling equipment locally, the 3200 solar panels had to be offloaded by hand.

The whole operation took not more than one week while the whole preparation of this project, from feasibility study, project preparation till final execution took more than a year. All panels arrived in pristine condition within time and within budget.

The cargo was not high & heavy, but the complexity of the project shows Polytra’s ability to bring also fragile cargo even to very remote areas deep inside the DR Congo.



Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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