Nov 9, 2020  WWPC

Shipping a pleasure yacht from Italy to Hong Kong

Wangfoong Transportation Limited, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Hong Kong recently shipped a Sunseeker 28 meter long pleasure yacht from Genoa Italy to Hong Kong on a bulk vessel with water to water terms. The yacht had a displacement of 77 ton.

Amidst COVID-19 restrictions, the Wangfoong staff in Hong Kong, together with a surveyor, were able to board the mother vessel for a pre-discharging inspection. The entire receiving crew with Captain, sailors, operation staff and surveyor attended the receiving of the yacht alongside the mother vessel. Once the yacht was discharged onto water, the crew boarded the yacht for preparation of sailing. A tug boat was also used for towing the yacht to a marina for mooring.

In addition to the shipping and the physical receiving of the yacht, Wangfoong was also responsible for obtaining the Approval-In-Principle required by the Hong Kong Marine Department before the yacht arrival in Hong Kong. Upon arrival, Wangfoong also provided a marine surveyor and applied for all required Hong Kong Licenses on behalf of the client who was able to sail the yacht within one week after its arrival in Hong Kong.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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