Feb 7, 2012  WWPC

Spain to Jordan – Heavy heat exchangers for phosphate mining company

Seven Seas Shipping Co., members to the Worldwide Project Consortium WWPC in both Jordan and Iraq, successfully completed the transport and placing onto foundation at jobsite of two heavy heat exchangers for a Jordanian phosphate mining company’s sulfuric acid plant.

With dimensions of 14,5 x 7,03 x 8,34 meters and a weight of 139 tons per unit the challenging transport started in the Spanish port of Tarragona, where the heat exchangers where loaded onto a chartered heavy lift vessel for the ocean transport to the Port of Aqaba in Jordan.

Assisted by two cranes with a capacity of 200 tons each, in combination with the ships own 320 tons capacity cranes the units where discharged safely and placed onto 12 axled heavy duty trailers for the 25 km voyage to the jobsite.

Previous to the arrival of the shipment in Aqaba Seven Seas Shiping Co conducted a road survey which meant that one of the bridges enroute needed strengthening and power cables to be removed at three different junctions. Mr. Abbas Shoubaky, Heavylift Specialist of Seven Seas Shipping Co attended operations in Aqaba and enroute and in close cooperation with police escorts overcame the major obstacle to clear the road from traffic during transport due to over width of the cargo.

At the jobsite another 2 x 200 capacity cranes where engaged for offloading the heavy pieces from the trailers and placing them onto the final foundation. The complete transport from Spain until and onto foundation was achieved in 3 days only.

For the same plant Seven Seas Shipping Co. previously delivered an economizer with dimensions of 7,26x 3,86 x 5,8 meters and weighing 105 tons ex Houston, USA only a month ago in a similar operation.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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