Feb 17, 2021  WWPC

Wangfoong Transportation busy in Hong Kong with long rails

Wangfoong Transportation Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) for Hong Kong, reported about two projects, involving the transport of overlength rails during January 2021.

Delivery of Overlength Cargo besides Aircraft
To work in the restricted area in airside, Wangfoong managed to coordinate with government authorities like Airport Authority Hong Kong, Air Cargo Terminal and Hong Kong Customs. Due to safety reason, Wangfoong arranged lorry cranes to perform tandem lifting besides aircraft for long crates of rails with 22 meters long each, under high insurance coverage. With provision of security escort, the overlength rails were eventually delivered to client’s depot by Wangfoong´s experienced trucking team in a safe manner.

Barge delivery for overlength rail for MTR Corporation Limited
For Wangfoong, being the logistics partner with MTR, one of the regular tasks is the odd-size cargo delivery. There was a shipment for 27.5 meters long rail ex Antwerp to Hong Kong by RoRo vessel. The project scope was to deliver this overlength rail to client’s site upon vessel arrival. Wangfoong arranged for barge delivery instead of land transport due to road limitation and successfully collected the rail from shipside to client’s berth by their own barge, arranged for lifting and land delivery to the site with lorry cranes and special trailer.


Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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