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WWPC experts transport windmills, boats and molding machine in China

Jiangsu Sunshine Int’l Logistics Co., Ltd, member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) in China, reported about three recent projects they handled:


The first project concerned one offshore windmill project of 40 sets of windpower equipment from Longyuan Power Group. This ongoing project started from Nov of 2016 and two sets of equipment were delivered and built successfully upto now.

Services provided include transport from factor to Dafeng port, loading onto the deck of the vessel, lashing, ship to offshore jobsite and discharging the components. Bad sea condition on routing in the Yellow Sea provided for an extra challenge.


The second project saw three boats from Dafeng Port, Jiangsu shipped to Yangkou port, Shandong. The max unit weight is 210 tons and unit size 28 x 10.5 x 11 m. Services provided included boom and sling providing, loading, dunnage and lashing, sea freight, unloading . An extra challenge was the bad sea condition in the loading Port of Dafeng.

Moulding machine

Before Chinese Lunar New Year of 2017, the third project was the import of out-of-gauge (oog) breakbulk cargo (bbk). The commodity was a Coex blow moulding machine. The total cargo volume included 1 x bbk , 1 x 40 fr and 5 x 40′ in guage open top container. The max unit weight of bbk was 58 tons with size 17.05 x 4.25 x 3.70 m and 31 tons with size 9.06 x 3.28 x 4.08 m for 40 fr. Service provided included customs clearance , port service, devanning and transportation to jobsite. The big challenge for this project was the timeline, happening seven days before Chinese Lunar New Year with severe shortage of stevedores, drivers, low bed trucks and normal trucks.

As per the time required by normal procedure, this cargo was certainly though to be cleared and delivered after the long Lunar New Year Holiday and would cause very high storage and equipment detention charge (over extra 12.000,- USD at least). Jiangsu Sunshine’s staff cleared and delivered this project within 5 calendar days (including 2 holidays), thus saving these high extra cost for their client.


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Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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