Jun 2, 2015  CEE

CEE appoints exclusive Hungary member

Herczegh Specialtransport ZRt. from Budapest, has been appointed as CEE exclusive member for Hungary.

HST Limited, founded 1990 in Budapest, owns 20 trucks and 30 trailers.

  • 5×3 axles Goldhofer-module with a 120 tons load vessel bed.
  • 8×6 axles MAN trucks: Scheuerle Eurocombi modules – all together in a combination of 5+15 axles.
  • a new 120 tons low vessel bed, specialised for transporting large and high transformers on road directly to ports.
  • With the truck- and bedfleet the vast majority of European freight tasks can be fulfilled with the expandable mega- (2, 3 axles truck + 3, 4 axles trailers combination), and / or the lower-height semi-trailers (3 axles truck+4 axles trailers combination) and double expandable semi-trailer (4 axles truck+6 axles trailers combination). Goods can be transported on the 50 cm low bridges (3, 4 axles truck + 3 axles trailers combination) – so called „vessel bed” and „excavator bed” in combination with 4+2+4 axles. For the biggest size of goods to be delivered the Scheuerle-module with 15 axles in various combinations can be offered to the customers.


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