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Project cargo creates heavy work in Pakistan

Aaras Projects & Logistics Pvt., member to the Worldwide Project Consortium (WWPC) network for Pakistan, handled through their company Shipping Agencies Co., Pvt. extensive project- and break bulk volumes, arriving onboard two vessels appointed to their agency services and served by Aaras with complete logistics operations.

The total weight of the cargoes that has been discharged by their stevedores from these two vessels were around 4104.452 MTons approx., with many of the units heavy and oversized.

MV. “King Diamond” arrived to Karachi port on 4th May 2015 with a cargo consisting of 1 117 Packages for multiple projects ongoing in Pakistan in the sector of “Power Generation” , including 27 Packages of machinery, construction equipment and parts for the 1410 megawatts Tarbela Dam 4th Extension Hydropower Project in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Also a partial shipment of Hydraulic Inlet Section for turbines, 61 packages of crawler crane-QUY500, truck crane QY70V with all parts and equipment for 50 megawatt wind power project with complete auxiliaries for M/s. Sapphire Wind Power company.

“Oil & Gas (Exploration & Infrastructure)” included 8 packages of oil well drilling equipment with rig generator for M/s. Tianjin China Petroleum drilling company Pakistan, 10 packages of hydraulic rotary drilling rig long with standard accessories for M/s. Rockwell Corporation Private Limited, 377 Bundles(1111 pieces) containing 7 OD casing, seamless steel pipe, 29 PPF, R-95, PSL-1, API 5CT R-3, HSM for M/S. Oil And Gas Development Company Limited.

“Industrial cargo” included 8 packages of partial shipment of machinery of ceramic tiles with standard accessories for M/s. Karam Ceramic Limited. Two packages of cryogenic liquid gas vertical tank 250 M3, 4 Bar model – ZCF-250000/4 (250M3) with all necessary components parts and accessories for M/s. Ghani Gases Limited. One MG cylinder size: 3660 MM DIA X 3500 MM including bearing and bearing housing rotary syphon gear for M/s. Horizon Paper and Board Mills Pvt limited.

The total weight of discharged cargoes was 3547.562 MTons.

MV. “Han Zhang” arrived at Karachi port on 8th May 2015 carrying four lots of auto and power transformers along with indoor auxiliaries(145 packages) for power generation projects in Pakistan which includes designing, supplying, installation, testing and commissioning of plant & equipment for Gujarat 220kv/132kv substation for M/s. National transmission and dispatch company (NTDC) Wapda house Lahore Pakistan.

The total weight of this discharged cargo was 556.890 MTons and 1195.640 cbm.


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Source:: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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