Oct 14, 2014  CEE

CEE expert Intermax in historical tram move in China

InterMax Logistics Solution Limited, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in China, is honored to handle the transportation of the first tram in Zhuhai.

The first lane of Zhuhai tram will be 19.033 km, with 25 stations. The first phase of the of the construction is approximately 8.9 km with 14 stations located, which is expected to be finished in 14 months. 100% low-floor modern tram will be used, and there will be the first application of an advanced technology – ground power systems. The tram in Zhuhai will be at 50 to 60 km per hour, maximum speed of 70km/hour. There are also dedicated roads for vehicles to the trams.

The two trams arrived in Guangdong Xinsha RoRo Port for loading and had been stacked in the harbor front area. After arranging customs clearance, commodity inspection, official formalities related to delivery were completed, Intermax operations specialists, vehicles, and equipments arrived at Xinsha port to undergo thorough checking for possible damages to the trams and thereafter preparing for delivery.

Two trucks and support vehicles drove to the destination in Zhuhai and arrived smoothly. Intermax specialists entered the unloading platform and started using their special tooling to move the trams to the ground track smoothly and safely.


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Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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