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CEE expert Reshamsingh busy with power plant projects in India

Kandla port to Agra – 2 heavylifts of 315 tons

World’s first ultrahigh voltage multi-terminal system to supply hydropower across 1,700 kilometers, with highest ever converter capacity – new global benchmarks in HVDC technology.

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, booked an order worth more than Rs. 4000 crores from Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., to deliver an ultrahigh-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission system. The link will supply hydropower from mountainous northeast India to the populous region of Agra in central India, 1,700 kilometers away.

For this significant project Reshamsingh & Co. Pvt.Ltd, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network in India, handled the transport of a transformer tank (from Mundra Port to PGCIL 800 KV Sub Station, Agra) and a transformer (L 12552 x W 4260 x H 4528 in cm & weight 310 M/Tons)over the distance of 1700 km using 16 axles and a puller frtom Kandla Port to Agra over the new heavylift bypass road for which 132 bridges got constructed.

Northeast India has abundant hydropower resources scattered over a large area, while the load centers are often located thousands of kilometers away. India plans to create pooling points in the region to collect electricity generated from several hydropower stations and transport it across power superhighways to major urban load centers.

The North-East Agra route:


The UHVDC link, operating at 800 kilovolts (kV) will have a converter capacity of 8,000 megawatts (MW), the highest ever built. When operating at full capacity, it will have the means to supply electricity to 90 million people based on current figures for average national consumption.

The system will be the world’s first multi-terminal ultrahigh-voltage link and will have three converter stations. Two “sending” stations will convert power from alternating current (AC) to DC for transmission over a single power line and deliver electricity to a third, “receiving” station in Agra where it will be converted back into AC for distribution to end users. The power link will pass through the so called “chicken neck area”; a very narrow patch of land (22 km wide x 18 km long) in the state of West Bengal, which borders Nepal and Bangladesh. Using ultrahigh-voltage transmission, helps to minimize losses and improve efficiency. The deployment of a multi-terminal solution as compared to running separate power links, brings considerable cost reductions.

Siemens – Ballia-Bhiwadi 2500MW HVDC Power Transmission

Reshamsingh also handled two heavy transformers (L 10.77 x W 5.19 x H 5.15 in mm & Weight 337 M/tons) for this project:


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