Aug 1, 2012  CEE

Ekin Nakliyat busy with heavy and oversized movements

Ekin Nakliyat company from Turkey, has recently handled huge boiler from Kayseri in Turkey to Bulgaria with its own twelve axels machine. The transport covered complicated and serious distances for about 1181 km.

With a lenght of 44 meters overall, pieces of 4,6 meters width, height of 4,8 meter and the weight of 130 tons this was not an easy task. Thankfully the weather conditions were good and the movement was completed in ten days.

In another movement Ekin Nakliyat company compeleted a transport of a big transformer measuring 13,20 / 3,88 / 4,20 and weighing 243,5 tons. The movement was completed within one working day. Even if the total distance of the movement was 46 km trip only, Ekin Nakliyat’s new own equipment was put to a test due to the weight of the heavy haulage.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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