Jul 24, 2012  CEE

Kübler Spedition and Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency – a solid partnership

Kübler Spedition GmbH, member to the CEE network, has been successfully certified as a regulated agent.

“We fill a vital gap in the transport chain for our customers” confirmed their cooperation partner, Lufthansa Cargo Charter Agency GmbH (LCCA), another CEE member. The safe transport, storage and documentation is the central part of the EU Regulation 300. These requirements Kübler meets one hundred percent.

“Besides the cost reduction the time advantage for our customers were the main argument for us to certify as regulated agent,” states Kübler’s management. Together with their partner, Lufthansa Cargo Charter, Kübler offers the unique combination of heavy-load and air cargo specialist from a single source. Kübler with its specialized trucks and trailers, warehouse and trained staff thus creates a major advantage for its customers – Air cargo charter … surely safe!

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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