Apr 26, 2015  CEE

Giant crane for Kuebler Heavy Cargo Centre in Mannheim

The most powerful mobile crane in Southern Germany has reached its workplace in the Rheinauhafen in Mannheim. The gigantic machine will be visible from far and away and thus symbolize the dynamic of the port. In order to widen productivity and service within the heavy cargo and project market, Spedition Kubler purchased the 450 ton weight crane for their Heavy Cargo Centre in Mannheim.

With a lifting capacity of 100 ton the Liebherr produced crane arrived by river vessel to the Rheinauhafen in Mannheim. “This type of crane can not be transported long distance by road” said Heinz Roessler, Managing Director and owner of Spedition Kuebler.

The separated parts of the crane, including weights of 200 ton, were transported by road from arrival berth to the place of work for the crane. For this transport the local police had to block all traffic. Since the operation was performed during evening hours no delays occured to other traffic.

This new crane, along with a large 42 ton capacity reach stacker, will conduct lifting services in the Mannheim Rheinauhafen. Heavy cargo, arriving by river, rail or road transport will get stored, packed, assembled and onforwarded. Together with a Dutch partner, Kubler Spedition operates a Heavy Cargo liner service and thus handles this type of cargo every Friday onwards to the important North Sea ports.

The weight of this new crane is 450 tons and its width is 12 meter. With a total height of 70 meter it creates a very visible symbol for the Heavy Cargo Centre. The crane is to start operation by the end of April to conduct several heavy lifts in the week thereafter.



A 100 ton Liebherr crane, width 6,50 meter, moves on own axles from the arriving berth to the job place in the Rheinauhafen.


Delivery and placing of the tower by a 500 ton mobile crane.


The Liebherr port crane is assembled by assistance of several mobile cranes.


Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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