May 23, 2013  CEE

Heavy and oversized crane parts from China to Siberia by road and rail in icy conditions

V. Alexander Germany, member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network, have successfully managed a transport of 2.500 frt dismantled cranes from Xiamen in China to Bogouchany in Siberia/Russia.

The biggest pieces (crane girders) were 33 meters long, and the challenge was to bring same safely by road over a distance of 4.500 km to the Chinese-Russian-border, facing partly bad road-conditions, snow and ice and the fact, that girders needed to have a very special kind of securing on the trucks due to overlengths “in the air” of upto 10 meters.

The truck-caravan was finally consisting of 45 trucks.

After arrival in Manzhouli (Chinese border – rail –terminal) the cargo was reloaded onto 35 rail-wagons and on-forwarded safely to the final rail-destination in still bitter cold Siberian town of Bogouchany/Russia (another 2.500 km).

All transports, reloading-operations etc. were closely supervised by V. Alexander Germany Surveyors and and by the staff of V. Alexander CIS Ltd., who also was responsible for the survey-report done, upto final destination.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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