May 21, 2013  CEE

Japanese and Indian heavy components by Bati Project Logistics for Erdemir/Erenco Air Separation Plant

Bati Project Logistics as a member of Bati Group, member to the CEE network through Bati Shipping & Trading S.A., achieves reliability in services by means of experiences stemming from completion of several important projects since 1992. BPL always meets and usually exceeds expectations with its qualified logistics services and staff.

In March 2013, the delivery of an Air Separation Plant section and related components was operated by BPL, from Yokohama (Japan) and Mundra (India) to Eregli (Turkey). Following the jack up operations of the heavy items at the factory, 4 Cold boxes which lengths are up to 30 meters, widths are up to 8 meters and heights are up to 8 meters and weights up to 152 metric tonnes were pulled to dock side in order to be loaded onto barges by a chartered floating crane.

At Yokohoma port, the complete shipment, consisting of totally 150 pieces with 6479 cbm and 728 metric tonnes, was loaded onto vessel from barges and some parts from portside. 2 tanks with tonnage 73 mtonnes totalling 433 cbm were loaded at Mundra port.

Meanwhile for the transportation of the cold boxes to the final jobsite, a fleet of 20 axles hydraulic trailers with

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