Dec 11, 2012  CEE

Heavy heat exchangers from Germany to Tartastan

V. Alexander was nominated to arrange for the survey and transport of 2 heat exchangers ex Berlin, Germany up to Nizhnekamsk, Tartastan. The consignee was Taneco – surely the biggest gas company of Tartastan.

The weight of each piece was 150 tons accompanied by a number of cased accessories. After V. Alexander’s in-house surveyors inspected the cargo the transport was arranged by combined barge / ferry / rail.

The final destination was at Nizhnekamsk, Tartastan, located around 2.000 kilometer east of Moscow.

V. Alexander International Logistics arranged for the survey of the shipment through their in-house specialists in conjunction with complete transport up to destination including customs and monitoring.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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