Feb 14, 2012  CEE

Heavy Logistics operated the 100th transport with Goldhofer Trailer

Heavy Logistics in Antwerp, Belgium, recently operated the 100th transport using their 10 axled self propelled Goldhofer trailer since their initial start-up in 2010.

HEAVY has been active in the exceptional transport and heavy-lift sector since 1983. To further expand its specialization in both exceptional transport and complete industrial relocation, Heavy Logistics was created as a daughter company in 2011. Moreover, Heavy Logistics operates its own RORO-warehouse dedicated to rolling stock/equipment. HEAVY’s other daughter company, Heavy Lifting+Handling uses in-house gantry cranes as well as sliding/skidding/jacking systems which are capable of manipulating heavy-lifts with a maximum weight of 1100 tons.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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