Jul 18, 2013  CEE

Holleman busy in Bulgaria with transformers for various projects

Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D., Bulgarian member to the Cargo Equipment Experts CEE network, was busy throughout their country with the following transformer projects:

1. Transport of 3 transformers for Energo Pro Bulgaria for substations Varna-South, Varna-East and Veliko Tarnovo

Dimensions of cargo:
-1 transformer; 6,68 x 3,58 x 4,09 m / 83,75 tons
-2 transformers; 6,76 x 3,59 x 4,25 m / 92,75 tons each

The task of Holleman Bulgaria was to discharge the transformers onto berth in Port Ruse East and deliver one by one to the final job-sites. Together with the specialists from Holleman Heavy Lift & industrial mounting they were responsible for the timely delivery and positioning onto foundations.

2. Transport of 4 transformers from Sofia, Bulgaria to Port Regensburg

Dimensions of the cargo: 6,25 x 2,85 x 4,11 m / 71,4 tons each.

The transformers were loaded in Sofia and delivered to Port Belene, Bulgaria, where a 250 MT crane was used for the loading the transformers onto a river vessel.

3. Transport of 2 cases with equipment from Port Varna West to Lukoil Burgas, Bulgaria

Dimensions of the cargo: 18,30 x 4,40 x 4,00 m / 92 tons each.

Source: Cargo Equipment Experts, CEE

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