Jul 23, 2013  WWPC

Large boilers and furnace from Denmark to Bulgaria by Holleman

Holleman Bulgaria O.O.D., arranged the safe transport of a large boiler and furnace from Denmark to Katunitsa village, Bulgaria.

Dimensions of the cargo:
-boiler: 7,80 x 3,57 x 3,90 m / 33 tons weight
-furnace: 9,00 x 3,30 x 4,16 m / 35 tons weight

The transport of the boiler started from Odense and of the furnace from Aarhus, Denmark.

Both pieces were delivered by road to the german Port of Regensburg, reloaded onto a river vessel and delivered to Port Ruse, Bulgaria. From Port Ruse the two pieces were transported to the final destination in two consecutive voyages, as per the shipper’s request. This was not the first transport for this particular shipper, but also this one was performed within the time frame and without any claims.

Source: Worldwide Project Consortium, WWPC

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